About WordPress CMS

In response to a growing demand by website clients that they be able to quickly and easily update and maintain their web project without having to learn a second language or complicated software, in 2008 ITS began developing custom sites utilizing the WordPress development platform.

Open Source Keeps Costs Down

Being an open source application isn’t the only reason the WordPress platform keeps web development costs down.

  • WordPress is modular, install just the components and functions necessary for your project
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – use a pre-programmed plug-in for most common web functions
  • Maintain a little, most, or all of your own site – even e-commerce and data-driven content

The Simplicity of PHP

As one of the most popular PHP development platforms in use today, finding a WordPress developer to create custom plug-ins or widgets to solve any website development challenge isn’t a challenge, and finding a WordPress supported hosting company is a breeze.

To learn more about the WordPress platform or for a free project evaluation and estimate, contact our Web Team.

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