What does ‘Senior Friendly’ mean?

At ITS, we have for 18 years now claimed to be a fast and reliable ‘Senior Friendly’ computer repair shop, but what exactly does that mean?

For example, a particular elderly gentleman, who explained that his short term memory is not what it used to be, could no longer get the internet. The computer was his primary source of social interaction.  So we offered him our Pick-up & Return service that prevented him from having to haul his beast of a desktop PC into the shop, and also solved the problem of  his having to reconnect all the cables and cords once it was repaired.

We picked it up, diagnosed a failed power supply, replaced it after ensuring there were no other hardware issues or software corruptions. We then returned it the next day, reconnected it, confirmed a connection to the Internet, and made sure that all peripherals were functioning.

After paying by credit card over the phone , less his 5% senior discount, this very nice gentleman said: ‘I didn’t even have to leave the house – now that’s senior friendly.’  That made our day!

Please share this information with those in your life who:

  • Shouldn’t be on their hands and knees under a desk messing with wires.
  • Shouldn’t be hauling heavy things to and from the car.
  • Sometimes can’t remember what cord goes in what plug, or
  • May need a Geek to English translation.

Just stop in our shop in the Crossroads Center Mall at the corner of Bogard & Seldon, or give a call to 373-4640. We can fix that!

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