To Fix or Not to Fix?

Has become the big question.

notebook repair

With the recent popularity of low-budget PC laptops and tablets, computer repair customers are more often asking the question ‘Should I even think about repairing my laptop or tablet, or should I just replace it?’

As with most questions, the answer depends on a number of factors – here are some guidelines to help you evaluate whether to take your broken or malfunctioning device in for professional diagnostic.

Q1: What did you pay for that PC, tablet or other device?

If the answer is $200-$300, the odds are better that it was designed to be disposable rather than you got a great deal. When we say ‘designed to be disposable’ we mean computer equipment that uses low-cost, but high failure rate components. It can also mean that the device has been glued together, rather than constructed using fastener methods like screws that are easily removed and replaced. With rare exception, a device that uses glue in the construction process was not intended to be repaired.

Q2: Who made it, and how old is it?

Who made the device is a relevant question because some major manufacturers, such as Dell, will not sell replacement parts outside of their organization. Many major manufacturers also discontinue replacement parts a mere few years after selling the original device. If a replacement part cannot be purchased from a reliable vendor that has been proven to know the difference between ‘new parts’ and ‘slightly used parts,’ repair may not be a cost effective option.

Q3: Do you have files, photos, contacts or other information you need to keep?

If you have pictures or other data you need or just want to keep, tossing that budget device in the garbage is probably not an option. In some cases you may have to repair the device just to get access to your data, or if the device was not intended to be repaired, it may have to be intentionally cracked open to begin data recovery.

When you’re not sure?

You can bring it on in to ITS Alaska Computer Services at the corner of Bogard Road and the Seldon Extension in Wasilla. Our diagnostic fee is waived with any other service, including transferring your files and photos off of a broken or failing system.

What about Macs?

There is no such thing as a low-end Mac, and it is very rare for any Mac device that isn’t absolutely ancient to NOT be worth repairing. Yes, at ITS Alaska, we can fix those too!

Local businesses and countless home users have been counting on us for nearly 18 years to help them with their hardware and software problems, including providing information to help you make a good decision:

To Fix or Not to Fix?



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