Custom Builds

Custom Built Windows 7 Computers

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After considerable research and testing of name brand computer components, we were able to assemble stable, reliable, and long-lasting computers at prices just slightly higher than the budget models sold by the major vendors, but considerably less than comparable higher-end systems offered by the same vendors.


None of our parts are proprietary so any quality brand, industry standard part will work as replacement, which also makes our systems completely¬†upgradeable. And your system won’t be bogged down with cute but useless software that increases the possibility of conflicts with the applications you need to conduct business.


Choose your own specifications, get a recommendation based on your computer use, or check out our base-line builds for both Home and Business use.

  • System Speed – Multi-Processor
  • Windows Operating System Version
  • Software Applications
  • Backup Solution
  • Peripherals
  • Warranty Term

You no longer have to ‘settle’ when investing in computer equipment. Get what you want, get what you need and enjoy local warranty service, preventative maintenance and support.

Give ITS Alaska a call at 373-4640 or stop by the shop at the intersection of Bogard & Seldon in the Crossroads Center Mall for your custom PC estimate!

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