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To Fix or Not to Fix?

Has become the big question. With the recent popularity of low-budget PC laptops and tablets, computer repair customers are more often asking the question ‘Should I even think about repairing my laptop or tablet, or should I just replace it?’ As with most questions, the answer depends on a number of...
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What does ‘Senior Friendly’ mean?

At ITS, we have for 18 years now claimed to be a fast and reliable ‘Senior Friendly’ computer repair shop, but what exactly does that mean? For example, a particular elderly gentleman, who explained that his short term memory is not what it used to be, could no longer get the...
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A Stranger in the House?

In recent months we’ve seen an alarming increase in remote computer assistance scams in the valley. It starts with a pop-up on your Windows computer that says your hard drive is failing, that you’re infected with a virus, or that you are otherwise at ‘risk.’ This notice claims to be from...
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Just Turn it Off!

Go ahead and shut them down now. Our local news and Facebook are full of high wind warnings starting tonight, and it’s already getting a little blustery in our neck of the woods. If you’re not actively using your computer or other computerized electronics tonight, why not go ahead and...
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Sorry … Back to School Time.

Let’s face it – this is Alaska. Many of us barely touch our computers during the summer months because there are so many other things we can be doing outside! It’s all too easy to forget that the last time you tried to use word processing software you got an...
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