Data doesn’t last forever.


All of the pictures you store on your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or external backup drive are a guarantee that your digital memories are safe forever, right? Oh, so wrong!

If you’ve got an old laptop with the kids’ baby pictures sitting in the basement, or put your entire life on an external hard drive in the family safe or safe deposit box years ago – you might want to Google the question:

How long does digital media last?

Under ideal circumstances, magnetic media will last for about a decade.  Keeping that in mind, here are a few suggestions to help prevent losing magnetic media over the long haul.

  1. When the time comes to replace your desktop of laptop, don’t use it as a long-term storage solution. If a failing hard drive is one of the reasons it was performing poorly, you may be at risk already. Make a backup immediately, or if it doesn’t work anymore, take it to a professional for backup promptly.
  2. Don’t skimp on the quality of the hardware you store your files on. We’ve recommended Western Digital hard drives forever. Reliable, dependable, a low failure rate and a great warranty.
  3. Before putting your backup in long-term storage, label it with the date – at least the year.
  4. Transfer your backup files to new hardware (thumb drive, external hard drive, etc.) every 8 years or so.
  5. Keep two copies of your backups, in two different locations in the event of fire, flood or other unforeseen problems.

At ITS Alaska Computer services, we’ve been helping your friends and neighbors keep their digital memories safe for over 18 years. Give us a call at 907-373-4640 or stop by the shop at the corner of Board Rd and Seldon.

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